Article: Job Search Business Cards – Do You Need One?

Job Search Business Cards
Do You Need One?

In business nearly everybody has a business card. But do you need one when you’re unemployed? While not a necessity, you may find that having a business card comes in handy.

In your job search, business cards are great for getting your name and contact information out to others, especially in situations when giving out your resume would be awkward or inappropriate.

For example, you may find yourself at a networking meeting or cocktail party. If you hand people your resume, they’re obligated to carry it around, probably while juggling a drink in one hand and trying to shake with the other. A business card is easily dropped into a pocket or purse.

Distribute your job search business cards at social events, business open houses, job fairs, networking meetings and job interviews. The business card indicates that you’re a professional. You present yourself in a businesslike manner.

On your job search business card, include your most compelling selling points in a series of bullets. These might be your areas of expertise, your work experience, your education or some combination of all three. You might want to include your job search goal, specifying the type of position you’re seeking. Of course, be sure to include your full name and contact information.

You can print on one or both sides of your business card. If you have a lot of information, another option is a tent card, which is a fold-over format giving you two additional panels. Make sure you don’t include so much information that you have to use an extremely small font to include everything. It’s better to select just a few key points and make them easy to read.

You can create and purchase job search cards online from any vendor who sells traditional business cards. Just Google “business cards.” Or you can visit your local office supply store. You should be able to get your cards 7-10 days of ordering and costs should be between $10-$50 for 250-500 cards.

A business card is just one type of “extra” to consider creating for your job search. If you’d like to learn about others that can help you stand out in the crowded employment market, the book, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, has plenty. Plus, you’ll get many more tips and strategies. Learn more about the book here.

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