Article: A Thank-you Letter Can Help Clinch the Job

A Thank-you Letter
Can Help Clinch the Job

You’ve had your interview, and you believe it went well. Now comes the tough part – waiting to hear if you’ll be hired. Should you just sit back and wait for the phone to ring? No way! Instead, take the opportunity to further impress the interviewer and nail the job.

Follow-up the interview with a thank-you letter. Surprisingly, most job hunters won’t bother to follow up. Those who do stand out.

Thank the interviewer for her time, restate your interest in the available position and emphasize again your one or two selling points that illustrate why you’re the best candidate. If possible, reference a subject you discussed in your interview to help prod her memory of your meeting.

You can send your thank-you letter by e-mail, which gives you the benefit of immediacy and direct access to the interviewer. Or, if you think a personalized letter sent via regular mail could have more impact, then by all means, go that route.

With a letter sent via regular mail, you can also decide whether to use a thank-you card or business stock paper, and whether a hand-written note will be more effective than a formal, typed letter. There is no wrong answer here so make your decision based on what you feel is most appropriate considering the interviewer, the company and job opening. The idea is to make a favorable impression when most others won’t bother to make the effort.

A follow-up letter gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and good manners. It also puts your name in front of the interviewer one more time. Take advantage of this simple little gesture to help land the job you want.

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