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“I experienced firsthand Susan Greene’s career mentoring skills when I re-entered the work force over a year ago. With her help, I am now working in a field that I love.

In Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, Susan uniquely blends her knowledge of the job market with an advanced understanding of the internet, and she tops it all off with a compelling writing style that keeps you reading.

This is no boring textbook piece – it’s highly motivational and relevant. It will help keep you focused and on track in all your career pursuits.”

Debra Torres
Freelance Copywriter and Designer
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“As owner of a recruiting firm, I’ve seen thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of job candidates. I wish all of our recruits would read Job Hunting in a Tough Economy. They would certainly benefit in a big way.

This book goes well beyond your typical career guide. Not only does it give you the basics of putting together an effective resume and cover letter, it tells you how to find job opportunities that aren’t advertised and leverage social media, blogs and other cutting-edge Internet tools.

In a fun and interesting way, it guides you through the entire job search process. You won’t find long, complex theories in this book. What you get instead are easy-to-follow, actionable steps that you can apply today, right now!

Combining real-life stories, innovative tactics and proven techniques, author Susan Greene provides a winning formula for career success. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is an indispensable tool for job seekers, no matter where you are on your professional journey.”

Richard Merrigan
Orlando, Florida

“Susan Greene has produced an excellent e-book on job hunting that will appeal to a broad audience. Her ability to write clearly and concisely, provide highly relevant information on the job market, and present this material in a very organized format is a testimony to her capability as a researcher and author.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is an important book that comes at a time when many Americans are facing uncertainty, personal stress and confusion about the country’s job market. It is a must-read for people who are entering the job market, facing corporate downsizing, or considering career transitions.

As someone who spent many years in the occupational forecasting field and developing labor market information products, I can attest that Greene’s e-book stands head and shoulders above any other career guide on the market — a two-thumbs-up recommendation.”

James Taggart, M.A., M.A.
Senior Economist, Industry Canada
(former) Regional Economist, Labor Market Analysis & Occupational Forecasting
Human Resources Development Canada
Writer, author-Leadership
Montreal, Canada

“After getting flatline results using the same old job hunting methods, I knew it was time to make some changes. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy helped me to completely rethink how I was marketing myself: from using attention-getting ‘hook’ words in my resume, to building a professional portfolio to showcase my work, to writing a compelling cover letter.

Susan Greene’s techniques got me in the door, coached me to have a flawless interview, and even helped me negotiate a higher salary once I got the all-important offer.”

Patrick Kelley
New Bern, North Carolina

“Susan has created a most amazing step-by-step guide to get you off the couch and help you find your dream job. Her detailed strategy for writing the perfect resume is the best I’ve ever seen. She’s got tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else.

You are always advised to ‘network,’ but nobody ever tells you how! Susan gets you dressed and out the door to meet the right people. Then she brings you home to start with the online social networking sites. She shows even a beginner where to go and how to create the pages that present your job skills and abilities in the best possible light to the right people.

Each section details the steps from start to finish and then bullet-points the most important items for quick reference use later. Her list of resource websites is the best collection available, and probably priceless.

If you follow Susan’s book and instructions, you WILL find that perfect job. It is truly a gem of a guidebook for job-hunting in a tough economy.”

Jan Chilton
Web Designer and SEO Specialist
Myrtle Beach SEO Web Design
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Even though I wasn’t searching for a new job at the time, I wanted to learn more about progressing in my career by building a professional portfolio and by networking. In reading Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, I was pleased to discover that I could create my portfolio by including previous websites I had worked on as well as recommendations from former clients. I learned how to show off some of the assets that I have.

As for networking, I previously thought social networking websites were only ‘kid stuff.’ In Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, Susan Greene showed me how I could use these sites to connect with other people in my field and make professional contacts that might help me down the road. Reading this book opened my eyes to many opportunities to advance in my career.”

Taylor Platt
Condo Hotel Center
Miami, Florida

“Susan’s book is a must-read no matter where you are in your profession. Her vast knowledge of job-hunting strategies is worth far more than the cover price. Susan has eliminated the fluff and given you a career guide that is up-to-date and effective.”

Jason Pedley
Founder –
Clayton, North Carolina

“That is one great book. Easy to read and packed with a wealth of information.”

Mark Norelle
San Francisco, California

“Right now, I’m one of the lucky ones – I currently have a job I like and that compensates me fairly. That said, we all have had our ups and downs on the economic roller coaster this year.

Looking through Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, I realized this e-book is a resource’s resource. Author Susan Greene has compiled every reference tool, example and source I need in one book.

Innovative ideas and easy-to-follow instructions – good. Great strategies that will get results – priceless.”

Elizabeth Horner
Mountville, Pennsylvania

“This book is INCREDIBLE! It includes everything you need to know about how to find a job in one easy-to-read resource. I especially like the ‘Job Hunting for Dummies’ approach – a great blend of solid information, humor and eye catchers. It makes the not-so-fun task of job searching a lot more enjoyable.”

Brad Kinton
Dayton, Ohio

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a GREAT book. Great examples, great writing style, and lots of great strategies.”

Kim Swanson
Denver, Colorado

“To say that Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is comprehensive is an understatement. Susan Greene outlines every possible strategy needed to compete and stand out in today’s job market.

Comprehensive doesn’t mean boring, though. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is an entertaining read – packed full of examples, videos, links and much, much more…all in a visually appealing format.

If you are preparing to re-enter the job market, or just want to update your resume and portfolio, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy will prove invaluable in positioning yourself for success.”

Keith Lester
Senior Medical Technologist
Marsh Regional Blood Center
Kingsport, Tennessee

“This e-book is great! I spent a couple of hours reviewing all of the sections and am looking forward to really digging in and applying some of these principles. It’s obvious that you didn’t just throw this together to make a quick buck. It’s comprehensive, laid out well, and really fun to read.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy really is an exceptional resource and is deserving of all the success that you are sure to have with it!”

Jordan Elias
Syracuse, New York

“Dear Susan,

Last time I checked (Feb. 2010), there were approximately 15,991,000 unemployed persons in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of them have no previous work experience, but most of them do. And your book Job Hunting in a Tough Economy will help these deserving people get the job they need and want.

But first I must say your book is very thorough. As I read the pages I actually felt you going through every single step of finding a job yourself because no stones were left unturned. From creating a resume…to negotiating my best salary… to declining an offer. You even told me how to cleverly name my resume to leave a lasting impression!

More importantly, you know how to get employers to search and talk to me about my expertise. And in a tough economy, this is the advantage every job applicant is looking for. While the other qualified guy is busy looking for work on the street, you are using the internet and searching through multiple jobs at once.

Branding is something most people teach badly. But given your experience in advertising and copywriting, you’ve made it so clear and practical that anyone who can understand basic English can make themselves unique from the ‘10,000 other job applicants out there.’ There’s just simply so much you talked about in your book that can easily be used by job searchers to land the career they want.

One last thing, your “Attitude Boosters” are ingenious. I think they’re something everyone needs in this depressing job market. They will give people that extra motivation to start searching. No one taught them these uplifting principles in college before they graduated. I’m glad you’re taking it upon yourself to teach them.

You’re helping a lot of people, Susan. Not just the ones who need a job, but also the families who are counting on them to put bread on the table.”

Tian Yan
Direct Response Copywriter
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

“If you’re struggling to find a job in today’s economy, Job Hunting in a Touch Economy will show you exactly what you need to find that ideal job. Author Susan Greene tells you how to write a resume that will attract the right employer and provides dozens of examples so that you can stand apart from the competition.

She shows you how to build a personal website, interview with confidence and evaluate job offers in a step-by-step guide that you can put to use immediately.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a simple, straightforward manual for anyone seeking professional advice about securing that perfect job. Susan includes insider tips and tricks that you can use right away, including ways to tap into your personal network, how to attend networking events, and how to take advantage of some of today’s social networking tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook to get noticed – no matter what industry you’re in.

This book will open your eyes to all the tools and resources available to you in today’s competitive marketplace!”

Sabah Karimi
Freelance Copywriter
Orlando, Florida

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy gives people all the best ways to get a job in today’s economy, telling them exactly what they need to do to succeed. These are tips that anyone can use, no matter their level of internet skills or job experience. Plus, they’re getting 15 bonus products for free which, if purchased separately, are worth several times more than the book. I actually think the package is way underpriced at $47.”

Mark Jensen
Cody, Wyoming

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy by Susan Greene is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for a job or new career position.

Not only is the content thorough and comprehensive, it incorporates several features that give the book extra value and appeal.

These include segments such as KickAss Strategies, Attitude Boosters, videos, links and other helpful insights to give the reader the cutting edge in today’s competitive market. This is an e-book I highly recommend!”

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Partner, Women Helping Women Mastermind, LLC
Boynton Beach, Florida

“If you read Susan Greene’s “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy,” you will get a job. Without ever being overbearing or preachy, this practical guide tells you exactly how to land your ideal job using simple, direct instructions anyone can follow. Her examples and insider information provide crystal clear evidence of how effective her advice is.

Whether you are a vice president ready for a CEO position or a cashier who wants to be a store manager, this book will prove to be an invaluable resource in your job hunt. From resume help to navigating Twitter and Facebook (even if you’re a techno-phobe), you will get all the tools you need to be successful.

P.S. This book and the accompanying free bonus materials are TOTALLY underpriced for the value of the information you will receive. If you follow the tips and step by step instructions, the book will pay for itself hundreds of times over.”

Malinda Johnson
Freelance Internet Writer
Elyria, Ohio

“Whether you’re just out of college, looking for your first REAL job or you’ve been at it a while, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy will help you get there. This book is so informative and readable that I feel like going out and getting fired just so I can use some of the cutting-edge techniques. A fine work by a fine writer—Susan Greene reveals her expertise on every page. Highly recommended.”

Greg Trine
Ventura, California

“This e-book offers excellent advice. The author doesn’t just say what to do and not do. Instead she gives specific examples that are easy to follow and apply. This e-book really is a great guide. I’d highly recommend Job Hunting in a Tough Economy to anyone involved in a job search or looking to move up in their career.”

Charlie Moran
Austin, Texas

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a fantastic e-book with a wealth of information. It’s very thorough and readable. I especially loved all the Attitude Boosters and videos throughout.”

Sandra Trotter
Reston, Virginia

“Looking for a job? Start here!

If you need a job, start with Job Hunting In a Tough Economy. This is a terrific resource which will expose you to more opportunities and gives you valuable tips for taking advantage of those opportunities.

As a general rule, I am not a big fan of e-books. But for a lot of reasons, this e-book is far superior to a hard copy. First the table of contents has clickable links that will take you directly to any chapter. So if you want to refer back to anything you have read, just click the link and presto, there you are.

Second, there are literally dozens of clickable links throughout the book that will take you to extremely valuable web resources. This feature is worth two to three times the cost of the e-book.

In addition, there are several clickable links that will take you to relevant videos. There are so many other valuable resources that are simply a click away with the links provided in this book.

But the most valuable part of the book is the sound, practical advice that Susan Greene has put together in a very logical order. Susan gives some great tips on what to do and how to do it so that you increase the odds of landing a job. But she also gives you some great tips on things not to do.

This book covers everything that you need to know to identify job opportunities, properly prepare yourself and present your skills so that you increase your chances.

In the course of my career, I have seen hundreds of poorly written resumes. Her information about resumes is right on spot. If you just follow this advice, you will be ahead of many others.

But she covers all the latest ways that the web is being used by both employers and prospective employees. And the section on scams that take advantage of unsuspecting applicants is a must read.

The competition of jobs is very intense. Currently there are more applicants than there are openings, so you need to take advantage of all the tips and valuable information contained in this book.

It is great advice. If you follow the advice, do the things that Susan Greene teaches and you will have a real advantage over the competition.

Highly recommended.”

John Chancellor
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Susan Greene rocks! As I reviewed this well-organized guide, I was impressed by its wealth of useful tips, techniques, and tools.

If you seek gainful employment and a boot camp understanding of “job hunting 2.0” in online and social media, you will be pleased to find good information quickly in an accessible reference book. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is well-designed and intelligently laid out – and it certainly gives those “for Dummies” and “Idiots” books a run for their money.

We at Direct Marketing Educational Foundation are all about finding and placing top graduates in the field of direct/interactive marketing, so I would encourage the constituents I serve to take advantage of Susan’s offering.

In our field, you must be motivated and consistent, and you need to demonstrate a working knowledge of today’s new media, totally in line with what this book espouses. The way you hunt for the next job will represent this ability to potential employers, so take note. Take copious notes!

From my vantage point, I can see how

  • college placement officers and professors will glean new advice they can share with job hunters.
  • working masters’ degree candidates who want an edge as they move upward in their careers can benefit.
  • those working – or seeking to work – in any business at any level from junior management to the highest echelons of senior management will enjoy exercising this valuable resource.

As the college students we work with would say, ‘This is AWESOME!’

Early on in her career, Susan developed a reputation as a leading businesswoman, and this book is a wonderful testament to her vast experience, knowledge, can-do attitude and ‘connectedness.’”

Jeffrey Nesler
Senior Program and Web Manager
Direct Marketing Educational Foundation
Hoboken, New Jersey

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is really helpful and user friendly. Kudos to author Susan Greene. She may single-handedly bring down the jobless numbers.”

Amanda Ouelette
Seattle, Washington

“I just finished reading Job Hunting in a Tough Economy. If someone reads this book and doesn’t get a job, they’re just not trying. It’s that comprehensive. You can use one or two techniques in this book and land yourself a comfortable job immediately.

While the sample resumes clear your doubts on the traditional job hunting aspects, the sections on social media, new age networking and digital media keep you updated with the latest technological developments that are critical in your job hunting process.

I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely thinking about changing careers or dreaming about landing that first cushy job.”

Kishore Dharmarajan
Eureka LLC
Dubai, UAE

“This book is based on a ton of research. Because it tells you exactly what to do and how to do it, it will save the average job applicant hours and hours of time.”

Erica George
London, England

“Anyone who has this book in their hands will have an unfair advantage over other job applicants.

From a marketing stand point, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is sheer brilliance.

The other job applicants in the room don’t have a fighting chance. I believe the employer will be so pleasantly surprised he’ll slam the door shut on everyone else…which makes this not just a book but a lifesaver, especially when the tactics are used in conjunction with one another.

Imagine using the “David Letterman” technique on page 45 together with the 30-second strategy used by Emily to land her a job on page 128 and you’ve got a job position guaranteed.

What moves me most is that author Susan Greene is looking out for the average American citizen who’s perhaps struggling in the throes of trying to land decent employment. She placed her readers first by providing this book at such an affordable price, even though it’s clear she could charge much more.”

Idris Arkette

“Don’t worry; I won’t be taking advantage of the money-back guarantee. This is a great book, way better than lots of books I’ve paid much more for. Nice to have all these creative job search tips at my fingerprints. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a wonderful resource.”

Sam Shumer
Louisville, Kentucky

“As an Information Technology recruiter for 12 years, I have read thousands of resumes and thought I knew every angle on how to approach employers with qualified job seekers.

The information presented in Job Hunting in a Tough Economy provides many clever and useful ideas that I’d never heard of. These strategies will help the job seeker stand out and get a callback. I now use many of Susan Greene’s ideas in my recruiting practice.

I would highly recommend her e-book to anyone interested in getting results in their job search. The content is very thorough and to the point. It’s well written with new ideas, not just the same suggestions we have all seen before.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy truly is for today’s job seeker. Thumbs up to Susan Greene!”

Brian Hughes
Principal / Recruiter
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“One of the strategies mentioned in Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is based on the actual approach I used to get my current (dream) job as a public defender. I’m delighted to have my story included.

This e-book is a great tool. It’s well written and very easy to read. It is a perfect guide for job seekers whether they are just starting out or have not had to look for a job in a long time.”

Amy Carter
Public Defender
Ninth Judicial Circuit Court
Orlando, Florida

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