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Sell Our E-book, Earn Generous Sales Commissions

If you have a mailing list, blog or website, you can promote Job Hunting in a Tough Economy and get a 50% commission for any sales you make. The e-book price is $47. You’ll receive $23.50 for every copy you sell.

You never have to worry about product delivery, billing or customer inquiries. That’s all taken care of for you!

It’s Easy to Start Selling


    • Register to become an affiliate at E-junkie. com. (It’s free, but you will need a PayPal account.) Join our Affiliate Program!
    • Once registered as an affiliate with E-junkie, search affiliate programs for Job Hunting in a Tough Economy.
    • Follow E-junkie instructions to get the affiliate code for Job Hunting in a Tough Economy. Copy and paste the code (which contains your affiliate ID) into your mailing list, website or blog. When your readers click on the code, they will be re-directed to the home page of
    • Copy any of the images below, and insert your affiliate code as a hyperlink.
    • Every time one of your customers clicks the link and purchases an e-book, you’ll receive an e-mail telling you a sale has been made, and you’ve just earned another $23.50. You’ll receive payment via PayPal once per month.
  • * E-book price and therefore resulting affiliate commission subject to change without notice.
    ** Affiliates cannot receive a commission on copies of the e-book purchased for themselves.

    Copy Any of the Images Below
    to Use on Your Website, Blog or Newsletter

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Sample Text – You can use the paragraph below to describe the product.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy” is a 257-page e-book offering current, practical, job search advice. It includes how-to information on resumes, cover letters, interviews and negotiating salary.  Plus, it has many creative strategies to find unadvertised jobs.  Comes with 15 FREE bonus products.

If you have any questions or would like to see a sample chapter for review purposes, contact Susan Greene.

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