Bonus Products

Bonus Products

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If you’re looking for work, you’re probably watching your budget. Then again, isn’t everyone these days?

I’m Susan Greene, author of Job Hunting in a Tough Economy. I want you to succeed with this book. And I want to be really sure that you get your money’s worth from me. That’s why in addition to the e-book Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, you’ll also get 15 more amazing e-books that are especially relevant to job searchers like you.

These books have been written by the leading experts in their field. In fact, it’s a virtual career-planning library! Each one of these bonus products is a treasure chest full of helpful gems that will get you on the track to success and happiness.

Bonus #1

How to Make Your First $1,000 Online in Just 30 Days!

Ewen Chia is one of the most renowned marketing gurus online today. (Just Google him and you’ll find over 180,000 references.) His forte is helping ordinary people start their own profitable internet business quickly and easily by using his proven money-making models. This e-book is chock-full of great ideas that you can put to work today to start generating income with nothing more than your home PC. ~ 48 pages

Bonus #2

Design Your Life with the Mindset of Clarity

Learn how to dream big and take action to accomplish those dreams in your career and your chosen lifestyle. Jennifer Remling, author of Carve Your Own Road shows you how to do what you love and live the life you envision. ~ 40 pages

Bonus #3

How the Economic Stimulus Package Can Help You Get a Job

You’ve heard about Barack Obama’s Economic Stimulus Package, but now you want to know what it means to you. How is the $787 billion being allocated to give a much-needed jolt to the U.S. economy and get Americans working again? The Stimulus Package is spelled out in 1,100 tedious pages, but this concise report summarizes the key points most relevant to job seekers, including how it affects unemployment benefits and where to look to find Stimulus-generated jobs. ~ 11 pages

Bonus #4

Does Being Your Own Boss Equal True Freedom?

This report takes an honest look at self-employment. Determine whether you have what it takes to succeed. Tiffany Dow, a work-at-home marketer, tells you her personal secrets for making a 6-figure income from the comfort of your own home. ~ 8 pages

Bonus #5

10 Proven Ways to Make at Least $10k Every Month

In this easy-to-follow guide by Jimmy Brown, Internet biz whiz, you’ll learn about 10 different businesses that you can launch today with little or no money, working right from your home. Whether you want to make one of these businesses a full-time venture or simply a moonlighting gig to generate some cash on the side, the ideas in this e-book are certain to work. ~ 25 pages

Bonus #6

De-stress Kit for the Changing Times

Like many job hunters, you may be experiencing extra stress due to personal and financial challenges. Don’t underestimate your capacity for inner strength and emotional management. Just follow some of the specific practices Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath®, outlines in this booklet to reduce anxiety and move forward in this challenging period of your life. ~ 15 pages

Bonus #7

A Beginner’s Guide to Using & Marketing with Twitter

One of the hottest marketing tools on the Internet today is Twitter. It’s a micro-blogging site that allows you to state your thoughts in a super-compact way (140 characters maximum). Master Twitter and you can put it to good use in your job search. ~ 27 pages

Bonus #8

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee the Success of Your Online Business

Derek Gehl, internet marketing expert and CEO of the $57 million Internet Marketing Center, teaches you his personal secrets of success. You’ll learn how to find a niche market, determine its needs, create a solution, design a website that leads visitors straight to the order button, and drive swarms of cash-in-hand visitors to your site. ~ 64 pages

Bonus #9

How to Launch a Blog in Under an Hour for Stupidly Cheap Even if You’re a Total Idiot

Writing a blog can be a great way to attract the attention of employers and position yourself as the leading expert in your field. This how-to guide by Johnny Truant, well-respected blogger, takes you through all the steps to create your blog, and it’s so easy even the biggest techno-phobe can do it. Plus, the humorous tone this author uses actually makes the process fun. ~ 23 pages

Bonus #10

Personal Branding for the Business Professional

Learn how to become memorable via personal branding with this easy-to-read report by Chris Brogan, social media guru. You’ll be able to transfer your real-world reputation into the online world and stand out in the crowd, exactly what you need to do when job hunting in a tough economy. ~ 15 pages

Bonus #11

How to Make Attitude Your Ally

Attitude shapes many aspects of your life. Here’s how to find the upside in anything, become a giver not a taker, work toward a goal and see solutions where before you saw only problems. This uplifting e-book will teach you to truly love your life and make the most of every minute. ~ 19 pages

Bonus #12

Authority Rules

Put the perception of authority to work for you and thrust your career into overdrive. Follow the rules in this guide by Brian Clark, the renowned founder of Copy Blogger, to become the go-to person for your field and have employers vying for YOUR attention. ~ 18 pages

Bonus #13

How Work Will Change, 2010 and Beyond

Three years ago, you didn’t have a profile on Facebook or know anyone who did. Ten years ago Google was just a silly-sounding word. And 20 years ago the Internet didn’t even exist. With all these innovations, the future is taking a markedly different path than our past. The jobs of the future may not be what you’d expect. ~ 10 pages

Bonus #14

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is a motivational self-help book written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by billionaire Andrew Carnegie. Over 30 million copies have been sold, and now you can tap into its life-altering philosophy, complete with the practical steps to high achievement and financial independence. ~ 260 pages

Bonus #15

New Economy Superstar

Smart, motivated people are realizing that it no longer makes sense to rely on traditional big business employment to make a living. Life outside the cubicle can be more rewarding, flexible, profitable and secure. New Economy Superstar explains how you can use your passion and creativity to live the good life you really want to lead. ~ 82 pages


I know you’ll really appreciate these exclusive (read: hard to find) bonuses because they’re bursting with super useful information for you. All of these products are yours to keep for FREE, when you purchase Job Hunting in a Tough Economy. 

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