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A Quick Overview of
Job Hunting in a Tough Economy

Job hunting. Just the thought of it gives most of us an uneasy feeling. Where can you find job openings? Whom should you call? How do you begin networking? What if you can’t find something in your field?     

Whether you’re a recent graduate, experienced professional, or someone returning after a leave of absence from the job market, simply getting started on the job search process can feel overwhelming.     

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy was created to help you tackle each of the challenges related to a job search. Written in conversational language, it takes you through the steps to create a winning resume, find employers who are hiring, write effective cover letters and interview with confidence.     

This book also gives detailed instruction on how to take advantage of the new technologies revolutionizing today’s job market. You’ll learn about social networking, creating your personal brand, job aggregator websites and even developing your own website to promote your capabilities.     

Use Job Hunting in a Tough Economy in whatever way works best for you. That means you can read it like a traditional book, start to finish. Or, if you prefer, treat it like cookbook, and just skip to the section that’s relevant to your most pressing need.     

Below is the Table of Contents to give you a quick overview of the range of subjects covered.     

Table of Contents

   Introduction    Start Moving Forward
   Chapter 1    Write a Resume That Gets Results
   Chapter 2    Creative Add-ons to the Traditional Resume
   Chapter 3    Using the Internet to Find Employers
   Chapter 4    Professional Help for Job Hunters
   Chapter 5    Become a Networker Extraordinaire
   Chapter 6    Harness the Power of Social Networking
   Chapter 7    Create Your Personal Brand
   Chapter 8    Build a Portfolio or Personal Website
   Chapter 9    Explore All Your Options
   Chapter 10    Compose Cover Letters That Strut Your Stuff
   Chapter 11    Interview with Confidence
   Chapter 12    Post Interview Strategies
   Chapter 13    Negotiate Your Best Salary
   Chapter 14    Evaluate Job Offers
   Chapter 15    Accept or Decline an Offer
   Chapter 16    Some Final Job Search Tips


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