Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what will Job Hunting in a Tough Economy teach me?

You’ll learn how to craft a killer resume, write cover letters that open doors and handle an interview with the composure of a movie star.

You’ll also find extensive information on how to use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to get job leads and connect with employers. And you’ll get cutting-edge strategies that will thrust you way ahead of the competition.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy combines how-to information with actual job hunting success stories as well as inspirational words of encouragement. Use the strategies in this book, and you WILL get a job.

Does the book contain any sample resumes and cover letters that I can use as templates for creating my own?

Yes, you’ll find numerous examples of resumes and cover letters. You can use them for ideas, formatting and word choice. And they’ll serve as a guideline to use for creating your personal marketing materials in the most-widely accepted way.

What if I already have my resume written, and I’m comfortable writing cover letters. What else can this book teach me?

You’ll learn interviewing and negotiating skills. And you’ll discover plenty of websites and resources to help you find employers, particularly those that aren’t advertising their job openings.

You’ll learn how to use social media. Plus, you’ll also find a healthy dose of motivation here, something to give you that push to stop procrastinating.

You’ll also benefit from reading the Kick-Ass Strategies. These are individual case studies of people who’ve been successful in finding and landing a job. Follow their examples or simply use their stories as a jumping-off point to develop your own creative approach to job hunting.

How is this book unique?

Most career books focus on just one aspect, such as how to write your resume or how to interview effectively. Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know on the topic, start to finish. It’s a single, easy-to-use resource that you can refer to throughout the various stages of your job search.

Also, many other career books spend a lot of time on soul searching, pushing you to find your passion in life. That’s all well and good, but most likely you already know what kind of job you want. Now you just need to find an employer who’s willing to give it to you. This book gives you specific strategies to accomplish that goal.

I’m still debating whether an e-book is for me. Why should I choose Job Hunting in a Tough Economy when there are plenty of printed career books available?

There are two main reasons why an e-book like Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is a better option than a printed career book:

1. Links- Job Hunting in a Tough Economy includes dozens of direct links to some wonderful online resources that exist for job hunters. These include websites that list jobs, websites where you can create web 2.0 resumes, websites where you can manage your networking activities and websites to do employer research. You’ll also find links to numerous videos, some that will simply inspire you and others that will teach you important skills like interviewing and negotiating a salary, (it’s a lot easier if you can actually SEE what to do).

2. Up to Date Information- We live in a fast-changing world. As an e-book, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is more current than most traditional hard-copy books. Traditional books can take as long as 12-18 months to go from manuscript to publication.

With the e-book, as soon as something in the job market changes, the text is updated. Sometimes that’s as often as monthly or weekly. A good example is the section dedicated to social networks.

When I started writing Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and especially Twitter, would not have had a place in a job search. Now that’s all changed. Those networks are a great source of leads, if you know how to use them. And that’s just what you’ll learn in this book.

The hardest thing about getting a job is just finding employers who are hiring. Does your book offer any tips on that?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of ways to generate solid leads, research employers, network and learn about jobs before they’re publicized.

Plus, in the sections named Kick-Ass Strategies you’ll find individual case studies, many of which explain the unique way job seekers found and landed their position. You’ll be able to apply some of these creative strategies to your situation, whatever it might be.

What makes you, Susan Greene, qualified to write a book about job hunting?

Back in the 1990’s I taught a career course on job hunting to students who were either recent college graduates, career changers or re-entering the job market after many years away raising their children. I used my experience in that class and two years of research to co-author a textbook that could be used by other instructors teaching career skills.

The rights to that book were eventually purchased by Houghton Mifflin, the nation’s leading academic publisher at the time. Through Houghton Mifflin, that text, The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook, quickly became one of the leading career books used in colleges throughout the country, and it’s still in use today and in its fifth edition.

Since then I’ve given many lectures on job hunting. I’ve also personally coached many job hunters and helped them craft their resumes and cover letters. I read mountains of material on the subject matter, making sure to keep up with the latest ideas and trends. Finally, as a business owner, I’ve hired and fired plenty of employees.

How does this e-book differ from the textbook you wrote on job hunting?

The textbook was written for college students. They have little or no real job experience, which makes writing a persuasive resume a challenge. They also have very few professional contacts. So the textbook starts with the basics.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy assumes you have been in the job market. You have some experience. You have some contacts. You’re a professional. For whatever reason – you got laid off or you want to move up – you are currently job seeking. Now here are plenty of creative strategies you can use to find a position that’s right for you.

One more big difference is cost. The textbook, like all textbooks, costs a lot more than an e-book. We’re talking $62 vs. just $29 for the e-book, and you get to download the e-book immediately without having to trek to the bookstore.

FAQs About Downloading an e-Book

What exactly is an e-book?

E-book is short for electronic book. It’s a file that you download to your computer. It then resides on your hard drive where you can refer to it any time you’d like.

How do I download an e-book?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a techie to download an e-book. The precise instructions on how to download it will be sent to you as soon as you’ve placed your order. It’s very simple. A couple of clicks and you’ll have it saved on your own PC. Should you run into any problem, just e-mail me, and I’ll walk you through the steps.

Why would I want an e-book versus a traditional book?

There are several benefits to purchasing an e-book.

Benefit #1 – You get instant access. As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you get the book. It’s delivered directly to your PC.

Benefit #2 – The e-Book is easy to download and read. Turn on your computer and read your e-book right from the comfort of your own home.

Benefit #3 – There are no shipping costs involved in buying the e-book version. Forget about those shipping and handling charges. And you don’t have to drive to a bookstore. Delivery is immediate.

Benefit #4 – The e-book is ultra current. Traditional books can take 12-18 months to produce. That means the information often has some age on it. This e-book is up-to-date and continually updated with the latest information, which is especially important when you’re learning about hot trends like using Twitter to job hunt.

Benefit #5 – When you buy a traditional book, all you get is that one book. With Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, you get 15 additional books related to the same topic. That’s a virtual library full of valuable information you can reference throughout your job search.

Benefit #6 – The e-book comes with a guarantee. If after 90 days, you aren’t convinced that Job Hunting in a Tough Economy delivered everything that I said it would — and more — then you simply e-mail me and I will refund every penny of the purchase price. And you get to keep the e-book and 15 bonus products. Obviously, I’m confident you will be satisfied, or I wouldn’t make this offer.

Once the e-book is downloaded to my computer, will I be able to view it off-line?

Yes, once you’ve downloaded and saved it to your hard drive, you don’t have to be online to read it. It will be a PDF document that you can open off-line.

What if I can’t open a PDF file because I don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader software?

You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE here:

Can I print the e-book on my printer?

Yes, you can print it and create your own hard copy. But because the book includes numerous links to other valuable resources online, you’ll probably find it easier to read on your PC. As you’re reading, just click on any link that interests you.

Is Job Hunting in a Tough Economy available in book stores?

No. It’s only available online as an e-book. However, I have had some strong interest from several traditional publishers, and there is the possibility it may be available as a hard-copy book in the future. By then, hopefully, you’ll have a job and you won’t need the book!

Is the book for sale in other languages besides English?

No at the moment Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is only available in English.

If you or someone you know is interested in joint venturing with me and is serious about translating my book into another language drop me a note at and we can explore this opportunity.

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