Job Hunting in a Tough Economy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply look in the Sunday classifieds, circle a few appealing jobs, and then apply and be hired? Ah, those were the good ‘ole days. Now you’re lucky if there are ANY jobs worth applying to in the ads. And the odds of landing an interview are almost as likely as a getting a ticket to the SuperBowl.

The Old Ways of Job Hunting Don’t Work Anymore

Looking for a job is no one’s idea of fun. It’s frustrating, overwhelming, and at times, depressing. But the alternative, remaining unemployed, isn’t an option.

  • If you’re tired of writing employers and getting no response…
  • If answering ads on sites like feels like a waste of time…
  • If you think your resume and cover letters don’t reflect what an exceptional employee you’d make…

Then the book, Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, is for you!

Jobs Do Exist. But You Have to Get Creative
to Find Them and Nail Them

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy will provide you with specific strategies that you can implement right away to discover employers who are hiring and stand out in the ocean of job seekers.

You’ll get a wealth of creative tips and proven techniques to market yourself to employers. These are things you can do over and above your resume and cover letter to make an employer take notice.

You’ll read actual case studies of people just like you, telling what they did to find and nail their job. Follow their examples to the letter or adapt them to your individual situation. Bottom line — you’ll have plenty of new ideas to enhance your marketability as a job hunter.

This Book Is for You If Any of These Problems
Describes Your Situation

  • Laid off and no companies in your field are hiring
  • You’d really like to explore a different career path but you don’t know how to go about it
  • It’s been years since you job hunted and you don’t even know where to begin
  • You’ve heard about social networking through sites like LinkedIn and Twitter but you haven’t a clue how to get involved
  • You’ve applied for jobs on or other job sites and not had a single response
  • You’re nervous about interviewing because it’s been so long since you’ve been in this situation
  • You’re on Facebook but you don’t know how to use it in your job search
  • Your resume doesn’t really convey all you bring to the table
  • Your cover letters are boring.
  • You don’t know where to look for employers.

Skip All the Soul-Searching B.S.
and Get Right Down to Business

Other job hunting books may wax poetic about seeking your passion and finding your bliss. But the reality is you probably know what kind of job you want. It’s just a matter of getting an employer to offer it to you.

That’s why Job Hunting in a Tough Economy gives you dozens of powerful strategies that you can apply today to find employers and wow them with your credentials. It gives you the secrets that others don’t have.

In just 257 tightly-written pages, you’ll find no fluff, just specific tactics you can use to get your job search on track. Read each chapter and then start putting what you learn into practice the very same day.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy
Will Guide You to Success

Among the job hunting strategies you’ll learn…

  • How to load your resume with bait that hooks employers and reels them in like a big, hungry bass
  • Why is not the best online source for jobs anymore, and what sites offer better opportunities
  • How to craft a job search business card that could become your best networking tool
  • Where to look for concealed job postings (hint: niche-specific blogs)
  • What special add-ons you can attach to your resume to make it stand out like a singing telegram delivered by Britney Spears
  • The most effective techniques for using social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in your job search
  • How to interview with the confidence of Mohammed Ali so that other applicants aren’t even considered

And That’s Not All. You’ll Also Learn…

  • How you can use different media tools like blogs, videos, websites, e-portfolios and e-resumes to dazzle employers with your web 2.0 skills
  • How to turn your personal network into a virtual research team keeping their eyes open for job leads to send to you
  • How to get Google Alerts (for FREE) that give you insider information about potential employers
  • How to refine your elevator speech into a clever message that wows everyone you meet
  • Simple ways you can research salaries and determine your true market worth

Streamline Your Job Search and Get Hired Faster

Don’t you think that having all this knowledge and a wealth of specific job search strategies will give you a big leg up on the competition? Sure it will!

Information is power. And you have an opportunity to make the most of it with Job Hunting in a Tough Economy.

While others putter around using trial and error to figure out how to get a job in this lousy market, you can read the many tried-and-proven techniques in this e-book and start applying them right now!

Stop Procrastinating and Take Control of Your Job Search

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy is all about taking action. It’s not theory; it’s practice.

It doesn’t tell you what to think or what to feel. It tells you what to do!

This book will motivate you to get moving. No more passively waiting to see if one of the resumes you’ve sent out finally results in an interview. No more sitting around hoping the phone will ring. And no more checking your e-mail every three minutes.

This book motivates. It pushes. It excites. And it teaches you how to cover all your bases so that when a job in your field becomes available, you are right there to grab it, often from right under the nose of competing job seekers.

Finding a job is not a matter of luck. It’s about making your own breaks, creating your own opportunities.

Whether you’re a job seeker or a career changer, this book will be the catalyst that gets you your next job.

Heard enough? Ready to start right now?

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How the Economic Stimulus Package Can Help You Get a Job

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Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee the Success of Your Online Business

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Personal Branding for the Business Professional

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How to Make Attitude Your Ally

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Bonus #12

Authority Rules

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Bonus #13

How Work Will Change, 2010 and Beyond

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Think and Grow Rich

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Don’t Wait! Others Are Taking Your Ideal Job

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